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I created the following software relating to the HASTE project, used in (e.g.) this paper

A current project is to extend this work into the HASTE-o-matic system:

Additionally, I created/contributed to prototype software to support the development of pipelines for HASTE:

I am also a contributor to HarmonicIO (used in this paper):

I have published HASTE-related software to DockerHub and PyPI: ,

I created benchmarking tools used in this paper:

My ansible deployment scripts for Apache Spark and HDFS have been used in various papers, my Apache Spark teaching, and by students and colleagues in other departments for teaching Apache Spark:

I contributed to software used in this paper:

My Jupyter Notebooks (Python), for the Apache Spark teaching:

Source code for the SAESNEG pipeline (for my PhD Thesis):

I adapted the StanfordNLP Toolkit to use my distributed-semantics approach to handling temporal expressions. See: this paper .
As part of this project, I mined data from Flickr to create distributed semantic definitions of temporal expressions:


An extremely quick'n'dirty Latex to HTML converter (can be used to convert Latex to MSWord). Or, in combination with the auto-reload & headingsmap Firefox extensions, can be used to create an instant, navigable live browser preview of Latex Code.

when_changed is simple utility to run a command when a file changes. Windows only. download (Win).

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