Ben Blamey

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Freelance Software Developer & Data Scientist

I am a software developer/data scientist, with experience on a variety of platforms (desktop, web, cloud, mobile), many languages and technologies, and am specialist in data mining/analytics (especially text/social media), big data, and the semantic web. I enjoy tackling difficult problems - and communicating complex ideas.


Platforms: Web/Desktop/Mobile (Android)/Cloud. Windows & Linux.
Languages: Java, Scala, Python, PHP, C#, C, C++, JavaScript.
Web Development: Tomcat, Apache, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Google Analytics.
Semantic Web: RDF, OWL, SPARQL, OpenRDF / Sesame, OWLIM.
Others: WPF, SWING.
Databases / Big Data: MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS. NoSQL. MongoDB.
Natural Language Processing: Expert in the GATE and Stanford CoreNLP toolkits.
Machine Learning: Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, CBIR.
Some experience of High Performance Computing, OpenMP and MPI in C.


Maths Degree from the University of Cambridge, and (soon) a PhD in machine learning (University of Wales).

Please email me for a detailed CV, or to discuss your business needs without obligation. I currently live in Uppsala, Sweden, and can commute to Stockholm.